"Labs to Love puppy, Beacon has such a silly personality and is friendly to absolutely everyone!
He knows how to sit, shake, come, goes potty outside and sleeps through the night in his crate.
He's an exceptional puppy and we're so happy to have him!" 

--Meredith San Diego, California puppy

Labs to Love puppy, Buttermilk Biscuit, CGC is a Registered Animal Assisted Therapy Dog with the Delta Society.

- Owner Handled by Heidi Christ. West Covina, California

"Words cannot express what an AWESOME dog our [Labs to Love] puppy is. Brady is extremely intelligent and everyday people tell me what a beautiful dog he is. He is a very important part of the family."

--Michael Oceanside, New York

"I can't believe that [our Labs To Love puppy] Cali was house trained at 12 weeks of age.

We will be playing with her in the family room and she takes off running down the hall, out her doggie door to pee.

Then she runs back in as fast and starts playing again. She gets up in the middle of the night (if she has to go pee) and goes, and then comes back to bed.

We love our little girl! She is getting along wonderfully with our 3 year old, Willow

-- Triesta, a Carlsbad, California Labrador retriever Puppy